The Science Behind

What is PlasmaFusion?

PlasmaFusion is part of a holistic institute that applies bio energetic technology for cellular healing and harmonization of the body’s energy field.

PlasmaFusion makes use of the Theraphi system, the most advanced plasma device currently available for therapeutic purposes. The safety and effectiveness of this method has been proven in many well-documented studies and is confirmed by countless positive reports from its users.

Let's explain that in more detail

Meet Theraphi, our plasma device

PlasmaFusion makes use of the Theraphi, the most advanced plasma device currently available for therapeutic purposes. It combines phi-ratio frequencies and noble gasses to create a powerful bio energetic plasma field that has a perfectly harmonious and self-organizing signature. When passing through our body, the plasma field stimulates our natural healing processes all the way down to the cellular level.

How does that work?

Our two plasma tubes with opposite spin density are positioned on each side of the treatment table. The tubes produce electromagnetic frequencies and send them through a mixture of hydrogen and noble gasses. The frequencies cascade into a focal point by utilizing the golden mean of nature’s phi ratio 1. The highly charged plasma wave forms that result from this process become self-organized, accumulating order and charge.

The plasma field restores order in our body’s cells and the energy field that surrounds us. This negentropic effect 2 is the only true scientific definition we have of healing and rejuvenation.

The History of the Technology

The technology behind plasma therapy has been in development for more than 100 years. The first to suggest its application was Nikola Tesla. Pioneers such as Royal Raymond Rife, Alexander Gurwitsch and George Lakhovsky refined Tesla’s theories and manufactured effective healing devices as early as the 1930-40’s.

Antoine Priore was the first to explore the harmonizing effects of plasma tubes using phase conjugation 3. Many of the experiments and tests with this technology were done by prestigious members of the French Academy of Sciences. Its spectacular effects on cellular healing processes have been well-documented, however the science was not completely understood and funding was closed down. The machines of Antoine Priore were dismantled shortly after his death in the early 80’s. The knowledge that Priore and his team gathered at the time was used later on for the further development of this innovative technology.

The Future of Medicine

We believe plasma healing is the future of natural medicine. It’s one of the most complete forms of nourishment and healing you can give to your cells.

For more information or scientific documentation on how frequency healing and plasma technology work, please feel free to contact us.

It’s our pleasure to assist you on your quest for vibrant health, vitality and abundance! 

Some More Inspiration

Plasma based medicine is just the beginning. Watch this video on cold plasma!


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